Information Engineering Research Unit

What is MAVSEL?

MAVSEL is a 3-year research project exploring new techniques and tools for mining and analyzing social data in learning technology, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (ref. TIN2010-21715-C02-01) and lead by Dr. Miguel-Angel Sicilia, Information Engineering Research Unit. It is a follow-up of a short 1-year project called MAPSEL.

Rationale and objectives

Learning usually takes place in social settings, with direct or indirect interaction of learners with peers or tutors. Indeed, the contribution of social interaction to learning has been recognized by diverse theories of learning, and it has become a fundamental component in several approaches to instructional design. Also, the design, creation and publishing of learning resources of various kinds can be considered as mediated by community dynamics, especially when considering the expanding model of open educational resources (OER). At the same time, the rise of e-learning for pure or blended on-line education and the increasing use of learning technologies and Web-based systems have resulted in a new landscape for research on education based on empirical data.

MAVSEL has the following concrete objectives:

  1. Elaborate a model that provides a framework for data analysis in educational settings, informed by theories and hypothesis about the contribution of social interaction to learning.
  2. Select, evaluate and compare different methodological and computational techniques that can be applied to the analysis and subsequent decision making informed by the theories identified and feasible with the available data specified.
  3. Developing and testing the methods and techniques identified, resulting in a software framework integrating the different aspects of educational data and theories addressed.
  4. Developing and testing an integrated data analysis workbench including all the off-line data analysis methods and the base metrics and indicators identified.
  5. Developing relevant case studies and pilot projects for the methods studied and the tools developed.