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The research within the project VOA3R leading to these results has received funding from the ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP), Theme 4 - Open access to scientific information, grant agreement no 250525.

Project Objectives

The general objective of the project is to improve the spread of European agriculture and aquaculture research results by using an innovative approach to sharing open access research products.

That will be achieved by carrying out innovative experiments with open access to scientific agriculture and aquaculture contents and by developing and providing services that integrates existing open access repositories and scholarly publication management systems by means of a federation approach. Under a strict open access policy, the VOA3R service will connect libraries, archives and other publication systems by providing advanced search interfaces that include the specific aspects of research work that are specific of the particular domain.

The concrete objectives towards that general one are the following:

  • Devising and providing a platform that integrates metadata from existing open access repositories that provides a single point of access to scholarly research in the area of Agriculture and Aquaculture.
  • Analyzing and modelling research work processes, inputs and outcomes, coming out with a detailed meta-model serving the basis for devising new search and navigation interfaces that are specific to scholarly information needs during their work processes.
  • Analyzing existing and alternative approaches to the evaluation of scholarly research, using traditional peer review mechanisms as the point of departure to be contrasted with alternative, novel approaches.
  • Experimenting alternatives to peer review in the context of open access repositories, based on the meta-models for research work developed.
  • Formalizing meta-models of research work, coming up with ontologies that enable new forms of search and browsing enhanced by existing semantic metadata repository tools.
  • Specifying metadata profiles for partners inside and outside the project that enable them to federate with the platform.
  • Adapting and/or configuring the existing systems provided by the partners to interoperate with the main integrated VOA3R service, thus achieving a significant mass of open access content.
  • Running real-use pilots with target communities that enable data gathering and experimentation with the solution.
  • Analyzing data and assessment results from the pilots in order to elaborate a roadmap and guidelines for the evolution of the platform and for its transfer to other domains.



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Pascal Aventurier
Project News
6th Meeting. Limassol, Cyprus
6th VOA3R Meeting. October 15th- 17th 2012, Limassol, Cyprus. This meeting is organised by the Ministry Of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment of Cyprus
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Project News
VOA3R press release
A VOA3R press release has been published in which is reflected the ongoing cooperation between the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)- AGRIS initiative and the European Union project VOA3R. You
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Project News
Debategraph on VOA3R Vision
A debate map on the VOA3R vision has been created using the Debategraph tool
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Pascal Aventurier
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Hot topic : VOA3R platform in beta version +  questionnaire
The VOA3R platform is now available in beta version http://voa3r.cc.uah.es: 5 up to the first 10 open archives agricultural open access content has already been integrated in the portal A social network has been
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