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This is the Wiki of the Information Engineering Research Unit (IE). IE is a research group in the Computer Science Department, University of Alcalá (UAH) in Spain.

An informal record of some of the activities of IE members can be found in the blog of the research group.

Some of the members of IE work together also in a teaching innovation group recognized by the University of Alcalá. Information on teaching activities can be found at LTCE-ig pages. Data and resources related to LTCE-IG can be found in the LTCE-IG category in this Wiki, you can also access the main page.


Brief history

Elena García-Barriocanal joined the Computer Science Department, UAH in 2000. In 2003, Dr. Miguel-Angel Sicilia joined the same Department, continuing pre-existing collaborations with Elena. Dr. Salvador Sánchez-Alonso joined the group in 2005, and Dr. Daniel Rodríguez-García did the same in 2007. Dr. Carlos Rodríguez-Solano joined the group in 2009.

Dr. Miguel Garre is a part-time lecturer and also member of IE. Sinuhe Arroyo is post-doc researcher The group was formally recognized by the University of Alcalá in 2005.


IE has extensive expertise in the following areas:

  • learning technology: advanced knowledge on learning technology standards (IMS-LD, SCORM), implementation of learning technology interfaces (OKI)
  • Semantic Web technology: using ontology languages as OWL, WSML, using ontology management APIs (HP Jena, Sesame).
  • Data mining: using data mining tools as Weka.
  • Social network analysis: using social net tools as Pajek.

IE has developed applications in the fields of e-learning, emergency management, healthcare systems (including a translation to OWL of OpenEHR archetypes) and cultural heritage and Tourism.

Research outcomes and activities


Outside view of the Polytechnic building, University of Alcalá
Outside view of the Polytechnic building, University of Alcalá

IE Lab is in located at the O24 room in the Polytechnic Building of the University of Alcalá. The polytechnic building is located in the external campus of the University, concretely at km. 33.6 in the highway from Madrid to Barcelona, and about 20 km. from Barajas Airport.

Click here to get a Google map of IE location


Senior member


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